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Forwell Plays Significant Role in Smart Manufacture

By 戴辰; September 18, 2017
Forwell has been working on the automation sector for about three decades, and knows many about different industrial demands. In order to help customers keep up with the concept Industry 4.0, Forwell now promotes its “Automatic Factory Mold/ Die Change system”, which is able to assist producers to improve their global competitiveness as well as smart production competence.

President Hsiao said that since Industry 4.0 has been stated, the fourth industrial revolution begins. Smart automation stabilizes quality, improves productivity, reduces cost, and perfects the process; the smart model provides better management efficiency and operation safety. The importation of automation is by far inevitable.

Hsiao shared that in order to be distinguished from Chinese counterparts, Taiwanese machinery has to be smart. This effort can distinguish us from China and shorten our gap with the Japanese competitors. Combined with the concept Industry 4.0, Taiwanese manufacturers shall build their technological barrier and special features, so that in the future when Industry 4.0 really goes popular in the market, Taiwanese people can easily have a good space.

Speaking of Industry 4.0, Forwell works enthusiastically in developing automatic systems. Began with mold/ die clamp unit, to mold/ die transmission, and then is the automatic mold/ die storage system. Now the company has had the mold/ die management system in hand, which can help achieve smart automation.

Hsiao said, the “Automatic Factory Mold/ Die Change system” can proceed automatic change, transmission, delivering, storing, and maintenance of molds and dies, saving manpower, shortening working time, reducing production cost, stabilizing quality, and increasing productivity. This model, once established in your factory, can solve many issues, such as lack of technicians, and mold/ die change safety concerns.

On the other hand, speaking of Forwell itself, the company established four departs to specialize personnel specialty and reinforce customer service. These four departments are Forming Dept, Pressing Dept, 3C Dept, and Production Dept. Together with the launch of the Huai’an Factory in the Mainland China, these four departments are great strength for Forwell in the development of “smart manufacture” and “industrial robot”.