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Forwell Fosters Smart QDCS & QMCS

Written By陳仁義, September 14, 2017
With the fervent enthusiasm and endeavors in the development of smart machinery, Taiwan’s machine tool industry has built its own niche market in the global market, establishing distinguished competitiveness. Now as the world economy is booming, Taiwan’s machine tool manufacturers have received orders in a relatively high level. According to TAMI, it is expected that in 2017, people are speculative about the export of machine tool to reach one trillion, even to two trillion. Especially after the importation of smart manufacture, Taiwan’s machinery products become even more competitive in the international arena.

One of the TAMI nofficials, Presiden Hsiao of Forwell said that the machine tools are the basis of industry, affecting the development of industry. Now Taiwan’s machine tool industry is in incubation of being smarter. There is no role model in this path and Taiwan’s manufacturers have to do it by their own experiences and technology. Taiwan’s machine tool suppliers have succeeded in doing it by their own; this advantage help to distinguish themselves from Chinese counterparts. So far the situation is good.

However, President Hsiao share his point of view that, the ongoing Money Laundering Control Law might have impact on ordinary trade activities and form obstacles to our export, reducing our export value. He hopes that Taiwan’s government can implement relevant measures to stimulate local manufacturers.

Forwell continues to dedicate itself into the goal of Industry 4.0 by developing smart machinery. Now the company is able to offer an integrated system that includes mold/ die change, transmission, carry, storage, warehousing, and maintain. This smart mold/ die management system, especially the mold/ die transmission system and automatic mold/ die storage system are in mass production for customers’ demands and the mold/ die maintenance is about to complete. The whole system can assist manufacturers in metal forming and plastics injection sectors to deal with complicated manufacturing procedures with easier, safer, more systematic management model.

Forwell is first company across the Taiwan Strait to have this advanced system. The system connects stransmission, storage, maintain, and factory management, making an integrated smart mold and die control operation protocol. The system was awarded in 2016 and is widely approved by experts in the industry.

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