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President Hsiao’s Borderless Love Helps Foreign Friends

6th of November, 2017, by陳仁義
Based on Humanity, Technology, and Professional Skills as the core value, President Hsiao of Forwell is enthusiastic about social welfare besides his busy quick die and mold change system business. Hsiao joined the Lions Club, welfare association, foundation association, and Hsiao Family Association, etc. His yearly topic during his incumbency in the Lions Blub from 2015 to 2016 at the 300-C3 region is “To Serve with Gratitude, Friendship with Sincerity” and he dedicates himself to contribute to the society.

In order to expand love and philanthropy to the foreign area and help the needy, he summoned a group of people to Cambodia, Indonesia, and Swaziland, and establishing three villages, making wells, kitchens, restaurants, and recreation facilities. These efforts aim to improve their living conditions and every family was supplied with a monthly living expenses valued 700NTD. Moreover, President Hsiao sponsored an Ethiopia person who received Taiwan’s help earlier and now works as a high school teacher to visit the person’s long-term adopter. Besides, there are other projects going now, targeting Kyrgyzstan, Jordan, and Myanmar. It is hoped that with those sponsor the needy would be helped and live better.

President Hsiao shared his view that, the dedication of social welfare demands opportunity and planning. He appreciates those people who gave him the opportunity. With the core value “Grateful and Service”, Hsiao emphasizes that his crew to act without the thought of getting feedback. He believes that giving is more blissful than receiving and one would receive happiness, harmony, peacefulness, and healthiness. These four are the best feedback.

Due to a poor childhood, Hsiao knows the feeling of hopeless. He has the empathy for the needy and wants to help the poor to walk through difficulty.

President Hsiao found many poor people are powerless when they encounter impacts from the circumstances. He notices that there are many people who are volunteer to help the needy, so he is much activated by the scene and is willing to give his strength to the society. He shared that he will keep this action.