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President Hsiao of Forwell Makes a Call to Action for the Goal of Smart Production

By陳仁義, November 11, 2017; China Times
As observed, the recovery of machinery industry is coming, especially in the machine tool sector. Taiwan’s machine tool manufacturers always hope that the total revenue of machine tool industry shall exceed 1,000 billion NTD, but this goal is not easy anymore as the competitors from China, Japan, Korea, and other nations are make advances. With this atmosphere, Forwell President claimed that since Taiwanese have developed technology for Industry 4.0, so that many manufacturers are equipped with advanced competitiveness, and thus people in Taiwan shall be united to sail out of their own path in the market.

President Hsiao points out that, still many Taiwanese suppliers set China as their main export market, but Chinese suppliers of the machine tool industry are now advancing their technology as well as quality, these competitors can replace the roles of their Taiwanese counterparts in many aspects. Therefore, the development of smart machinery becomes the primary goal now for Taiwan’s suppliers in order to keep up with the global trend so that Taiwan’s machine tool manufacturers could hold the lion’s share of the China market. It is expected that Taiwanese government shall play an important role in the development of national infrastructures and shall improve the investment willingness of Taiwan’s machine tool manufacturers. Because only by doing so can they upgrade their competence, and the economic cycle could be driven again.

Hsiao further claims that, government shall stop making policies that hinder the development of economy and business owners’ investment motives, because the politic status now makes business owners confused, while the economy in other Asian countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, and China are growing due to their positive politic management. At the same time, Taiwan’s manufacturers need to retrospect what they were at the 1960s and 1970s and work hard to make benefits for all.

Forwell has developed the smart machinery that can help consumers keep up with the trend of industry 4.0, realizing automatic change, transmission, delivery, storage, warehousing, and maintenance of molds and dies. This all-in-one QDCS/ QMCS line covers three systems, including the mold/ die transmission system and automatic mold/ die storage system, which are in mass production for customers’ demands and the mold/ die maintenance is about to complete. These systems are going to be showcased at the show held by China Times.