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Forwell Showcased Its Smart Mold/ Die Management System

By陳仁義, Nov 18, 2017; Commercial Times
The one and only “Smart Mold/ Die Management System” in the cross-strait market is developed by Forwell, and it helps business owners manage their operation with advanced efficiency and productivity. Now Forwell has further developed a VR system for consumers in order to know what’s like while using the Forwell system in their manufacturing plants. At the show, there is an experience area at the booth for visitors to try and know how to use the system and control the manufacturing procedures, exceeding the conventional limitations. By Forwell’s system, users find it very easy to cope with the complicated mold and die issues, including management, storage, change, etc.

President Hsiao of Forwell shared with everyone that this system integrates the demands from both metalworking and plastics injection sectors, realizing automatic processing of molds and dies, including the procedures of change, transmission, delivery, storage, warehousing, and maintenance. All these procedures are integrated into one step by Forwell’s technology.

Hsiao emphasized that, the “Smart Mold/ Die Management System” is a completely customized system, and it has to be designed based on individual buyers’ plant conditions such as factory decoration, machine arrangement, and distance between machines and warehouses. Therefore, the system has showcased Forwell’s capability in the mold and dies industry.

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