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Forwell QMCS Increases Users’ Competitiveness

By戴辰; 19Dec, 2017
Shorten the mold changing time, increase productivity of machinery, lower stock reserves, satisfy small-volume-but-large-variety production model.

Plastic products nowadays are of shorter lifespan, yet manufactured in small volume but large variety under rigid quality standards. Therefore, manufacturers seek after productive automation models to cut the cost in order to improve the overall equipment effectiveness, and thus to perfect the injection quality to make more profits.

President Hsiao of Forwell has more than 30 years in the sector of quick mold change system, stated that the importation of QMCS can shorten mold-change time in a significant scale and can lift the overall equipment effectiveness. Moreover, he stated that, it can also satisfy the small-volume-but-large-variety manufacture model; thus with QMCS the stock reserves can be lesser, item quality can be better, mold lifetime can be longer. The system can also help reduce manpower cost as well as occupational injury rate, achieving better overall productivity and management for companies.

The QMCS utilizes air pressure to activate high hydraulic pressure, and modify the valve pressure ratio by the air. With this design, when power failure occurs or air pressure is lost due to some technical issues, the hydraulic pressure will keep still for a long period of time. This air-hydraulic mechanism is energy saving, safe, economic, and convenient for users, and can prolong the lifetime of molds.

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