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Hsiao Family Association Projects Its Vitality to the World

By陳仁義, January23, 2018
Director Hsiao promotes the development of Hsiao Family Association in the hopes of making the association globalized and optimized.

There was a meeting held by the association, and the incumbent director Hsiao (President Hsiao of Forwell) awarded people with good talents and expected that in the future, the association would become an international association that serves the family members all over the world and encourages them to cooperate, integrating everybody’s strength. With this expectation, Director Hsiao hopes that the association would become more competitive and prevalent in the world. During the meeting, Changhua County Magistrate Wei Ming-ku and other important politicians such as a legislative committee member Chen and the chief of Shetou Township Mr. Liu were giving their blessing.

Director Hsiao was a chairman of the Lions Club 300-C3, stated that with the efforts of former directors, the works of the association are getting better and better and the membership is getting more as well. Currently the number of newly registered membership surges and he hopes that the scope of the association would become international. Besides, Taoyuan is the first area that established Young Taoyuan Hsiao’s Family Club, expanding the service scope to the young group.

Hsiao said that, he is expand the family association by the technology, such as FB and LINE, and other social networks to link all the Hsiaos in the world, so that the association will be much more globalized. Now there are over 200,000 members in the association, and there are 15 Hsiao Family Associations in Taiwan.

Director Hsiao said that the annual theme is “Being Connected, and Serve with Sincerity”. The association’s primary goal is to help Hsiao’s decedents and the service scope covers all the Hsiao family members, including the related family groups with different last names. Therefore, Hsiao Family Association could be regarded as a social service team based on the clan basis. The services of the association includes blood donation, emergency rescue, helping the needy, consolation care, and scholarship. Besides, there are pension for elders, and religious ceremonies that aim to promote filial piety.