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Forwell Champion of Calligraphy Contest at Yuanlin County

By陳仁義, July 17, 2018; Commercial Times
Exclusively sponsored by Forwell Group, the 7th time of Yuanlin Forwell Calligraphy Contest was held currently at Yuanlin County. There were judges enlisted and there were award ceremony for the winners.

The winner goes to Zhang Fu-nan (張富南) of the elder team, Chen Li-fu (陳立夫) of the adult team, Chen Pin-hao (陳品豪) of colleague team, Yang Yi-chuan (楊翊銓) of junior high school team, Shu Zi-yuan (徐子媛) and Lin Cai-wei (林采葳) of elementary school team.

There were 1,100 candidates participated in the contest. The topic of this year is “Scent of Pen & Ink”. There were 300 candidates elected for the final contest in six subsidiary groups. During the day of final contest, there were many VIPs came to join the ceremony: Yuanlin Mayor Chang Jin-kun (張錦昆), Director of Lions Club 300-C3 Hsiao (also President of Forwell), Chief Hsiao Rui-bang of Forwell Lions Club, Chairman Lai Zhan-chang of Changhua Calligraphy Assocaition, and two former chairmen Wang Qiu-peng and Liao Ming-liang.

President Hsiao of Forwell Group said that this time the contest integrates both calligraphy and the art of poems, drawing, and other arts in order to improve the artistic content of this contest and broaden the range of participants’ ideas. Hsiao promised that in the future, the award bonus would be raised to encourage participants.

Yuanlin Mayor Mr. Chang recognized Forwell’s participation of this calligraphy contest as well as Forwell’s promotions of a series of artistic activities and events in the Yuanlin County. Therefore, Yuanlin County officials has made a pamphlet “Yuanlin Forwell Contest Pamphlet” as a gift for foreign guests to know more about the county and the corresponding artistic works in this place.