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Construction Project of Taichung Family Hall Hindered by Budget Shortage

By陳仁義, Commercial Times

Taiwan Fund for Children and Families (TFCF) has been dedicating to the service for family support for about 68 years since 1950. Throughout Taiwan, the TFCF is the only private society welfare organization that survives for nearly seven decades, witnessing Taiwan’s history from the meager beginning to the economic growth in the 80s and to now the era of economic recession in which many abuse cases occur in the society where there are serious sub-replacement fertility rates. In order to catalyze the work of poverty alleviation as well as self-reliance for the long-term, offering a sustainable development for social support and caring quality, TFCF has started the construction project of a building contains one base floor and nine stories which is named “Children Support” (扶幼館). Because the expense of this construction project is large, this project encounters difficult budget issue. The project is open to the public for donation. Donators’ name will be carved onto a wall together with special love image if donators’ donation exceeds 20,000 NTD. The special image will be designed by artists and the curved records aim to express great appreciation to donators. The construction is expected to be finished by 2020, the year of the 70th anniversary of TFCF.

President Hsiao of Forwell serves as a board member of TFCF in this July. Since he knew this information he has donated 820,000 NTD and has started fundraising. Within ten days there are donations over 2.2 millions gathered by the fundraising. Meanwhile, former Chairman Jiang Da-long of International Lions’ Club also takes action to this by donating 1 million NTD for the construction project. However, this huge project needs more to realize. It is expected that there will be more donations contributed to it, thus the children under TFCF could be helped and get rid of poverty.

The service inventory of TFCF includes the financial support and counseling for the poor and vulnerable families, the protection of abused children, the caring for the slow-developing children, and the placement and foster care services for children and young people with special needs. In addition, there are also local schools and the hometown services for aboriginal residents, talent training for the poor. Still, there are scholarships, medical supports, emergent assistance, self-reliance poverty alleviation programs, community work, etc.

The core value of TFCF is to offer public welfare service. The organization is highly localized and being international at the same time, offering comprehensive service to the public. Besides these services, after the opening of the new building, the organization is able to offer better service quality to the society. TFCF will further arrange simple and flexible space planning, staff's complete education and training, historical record collection, propaganda exhibition, happiness shop and a physical storefront. It is anticipated that with the building, the TFCF can continue to help children who need support. With the spirit of poverty alleviation, TFCF helps more and more vulnerable children and turn their lives, creating a new chapter in their life.