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Handover Ceremony of Hsiao Family Association: Torch Passing

By陳仁義, Commercial Times
"Two years ago, President Hsiao of Forwell was recommended by many members of Hsiao Family Association to be the 8th director of the association in the year 2017. During his incumbency, Director Hsiao worked enthusiastically to make the association an international society, and has adopted business system for better duty specialization, achieving better productivity. Furthermore, with the leadership incubation program and the digital upgrade program, the association is marching towards the goal of becoming one of the top five societies in Taiwan. Currently, Mr. Hsiao has finished his incumbency and has passed his duty to the 9th director, Mr Hsiao Chong-hu (蕭崇湖). In the handover ceremony held on 6th of this month, former Vice-President of Taiwan, Mr. Hsiao Wuan-chang (蕭萬長) also participated in the ceremony as the host.
There are many critical policies that President Hsiao promoted during his incumbency in order to achieve sustainability and better service quality. Here are the introduction of those policies.

1. Internationalization: During 2017-18, the association adopted protocols of international societies and operate according to the models of global societies, achieving great accomplishment. It is expected that in 2025 the association will become one of the top five societies in the world.

2. Digitalization: In order to keep up with the trend, the internal affair management is now digitalized. Moreover, the adoption of communication apps and software is also an important action, including the establishing a permanent website for the association, the utilization of LINE, FB, and Wechat for internal affairs.

3. Well-organized Association System: In order to become one of the top five societies in Taiwan, all the association administrations are established based on an integrated SOP, which ensures all the procedures and movements are processed in standard steps all over Taiwan so that the association would operate in a standardized way.

4. New Generation Invitation: The association invites young generations of Hsiao family to participate in the organizational affairs as they can learn about the association and contribute their strengths at the same time. The association encourages young member to fund subsidiaries all over Taiwan and now Taoyuan branch operates well as a role model.

5. Talent Incubation: Education is critical to foster and improve members’ talents, and currently the association has held a leadership camp in the Westlake Resort, which has condensing the concentricity of all the subsidiaries. It is anticipated that with these efforts the association would be stronger.

President Hsiao shared that, he believe the next director is a man with enthusiasm and practical spirit, and with his leadership, the association would be further developed."