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Forwell smart Mold and Die Management System Takes manufacturers to See the Trend of Industry 4.0

2019-04-15 Written by Chen, Ren-Yi (陳仁義)
Three decades ago, President Hsiao Wenlong of Forwell said that his chance of success stems from the growth of his insights that the manufacturing industry needs automation. During the time, most Taiwanese manufacturers did not realize the importance of automation and even some did, they introduced foreign automation systems instead. So at the first five years of the establishment of Forwell, president Hsiao bore great pressure of deficit. However, as time passed, people gradually realize how important the automatic mold and die change system is, rendering more attentions on Forwell’s products. With the good users’ experience, Forwell has grown to a big brand in the industry and has built partnership with famous international companies. The company is now a leading brand in Taiwan and China, and has branches in Taiwan, Huai’an, Ningbo, and Shenzhen.
President Hsiao said that regarding the business development of a corporate, if one stays still is actually going backward. Business owners have to dedicate all their heart based on a reasonable, standardized, automatic, and smart steps in order to achieve the goal of factory automation. Forwell’s quick mold and die change system has accumulated profound experience in metalworking and plastics injection sectors, so Forwell is able to help them save a lot of time and increase their productivity at the same time. Furthermore, with this system, the safety issue is greatly improved as well as precision.
Further, Forwell has accomplished its development for the mold and die change system respectively for both plastics injection and metalworking sectors, the Smart mold and die management system, to help industrial insiders achieve Industry 4.0. the system includes the transmission(automatic mold/ die cart), automatic warehousing, and maintenance systems. The integrated system can deal with the change, transmission, carrying, storage, warehousing, and the maintenance of molds and dies on one stop.
President Hsiao pointed out that the development of Forwell products adopt the module methodology, so the main frame of the machine inherit Forwell’s common specifications, thus the replacement is easy to do for users if they need to upgrade or repair the machines. This design is called block to block, and can make the operation of Forwell’s system work smooth with easy maintenance.
President Hsiao stated that, the Taiwan’s metal forming machinery suppliers, while they also have their branches in China, have adopt smart manufacturing technology in the mainland by the wide application of IOT. This effort even includes the remote surveillance system for their external supplier chains, thus establish an integrated ecology of smart manufacturing. Their production lines contain onsite surveillance of forming machines in the manufacturing sites, which are connected with education program, occupational safety project, manufacturing facility, procedure management, and after-sales services via the IOT technology. With the transcendental management, their Taiwan headquarters will follow the steps to accelerate the management in Taiwan.
President Hsiao Wenlong of Forwell/ Photo by Chen Ren-yi (陳仁義)