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Yang Lai Xiuqin (楊賴秀琴) Is Elected the 10th President of Fu Wei Lions Club.

Written by Chen, Ren-yi on June25, 2019; at 05:50

Forwell International Lions Club in Changhua County is a typical "Corporate Lions Club". It is a Lions club that is adopted by the company's name and fostered by the company. It has now moved to the second decade.

On the 23rd, Forwell Lions Club and its Counselor Club Lego International Lions Club held a new handover ceremony (2019-2020). The tenth new president of Forwell Lions Club has decades of experience in interior design. Yang Lai Xiuqin (楊賴秀琴) took over, and the new president of the 4th Leroy International Lions Club was replaced by Lin Jiahong (林家宏).

This new presidential joint handover ceremony was held by Ye Zhihong (葉志宏), director of the International Lions Club 300-C3 District. The guests present at the ceremony included Zhang Boguang (張伯光), honorary speaker of the International Lions Club, Zhang Ruitai (張瑞泰), Mayor of theYuan-Lin (員林), You Zhenxiong (游振雄), legislator Chen Suyue (陳素月), Changhua County Member Zhang Jinkun (張錦昆), former Changhua County Mayor Wei Minggu (魏明谷), former Changhua Mayor Qiu Jianfu (邱建富). They participated in the event and make their statements, making a great scene.

During the ceremony, President Hsiao, the founder of Forwell Lions Club, was also the former director of the International Lions Club 300-C3 District, with his family they generously donated a total of 1.65 million social service funds to the society as a social assistance fund.

Yang Lai Xiuqin (楊賴秀琴), the new president of Forwell Lions Club, said, "Sit is not as good as act." The most practical way to make people feel sincere is the actual action and dedication. In the future, we will continue to uphold the fine tradition of Forwell and continue to work hard in social services.

President Hsiao, founder of Forwell Lions Club, said that companies must fulfill their social responsibilities and give back to the society. The International Lions Club, which was founded by the Forwell Lions Club through the adoption process, is now in its second decade. The number of Lions is from the grassroots stage: 72 members have now become nearly 200, and the Lions are a group of social elites who agree with the "We Serve" Lions Club and carry forward the "friendship first, service first" lion spirit. They share common goals and ideals, so they work hard to serve the community.

He also said that the Forwell Lions Club will lead the Lions in their annual efforts. The annual blood donation results are the first in the 300-C3 area of Lions Clubs International. The number of blood donation bags is more than 10,000 bags. Their lions pay time and money as well as physical strength, while never asking for returns. Their passionate efforts are moving forward. In recent years, social changes and economic downturns make the fact that it is not easy to raise funds. The Forwell Group has donated more than 10 millionNTD to Forwell Lions Club in the past 10 years, mainly because it hopes to do more social services through corporate sponsorship.

President Hsiao emphasized that the "Enterprise Lions Club" is a concept worth promoting. It is expected to call for more enterprises to invest and implement the social responsibility of business management on the platform of Lions Clubs International.