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Forwell Works on Deepening the Development of Smart QMCS/ QDCS

Written by Chen (陳仁義), Ren-yi

Encountered with the trade war between the US and China, the world market is weak and industrial insiders are conservative towards the future. Although many of them are not working eagerly towards this goal due to the fluctuation of the world economy, this common trend is on the go. Whoever wants to be competitive in the era of smart manufacturing, they have to be prepared with the knowledge and practical arrangement of this technology.

President Hsiao of Forwell, who is also the committee member of TAMI, said that, customization is equal to mass production, and pointed out that the goal of smart manufacturing is based on this concept. Now there are manufacturers with large scale of production working enthusiastically towards this goal. With a profound discussion, Forwell team is also working on it, and aims to develop a smart quick die and mold change system for the entire manufacturing plant. In the future, Forwell will realize this idea customization is equal to mass production.

President Hsiao pointed out that, forging and shearing machines are mostly applied in the sectors of automotive and motorcycle, general machinery, and electronics, while automotive industry occupies around 70% of the applications.

Nowadays, the servo punching machine, which is often used in the production of components for automotives, has more than ten years of manufacturing experience in this field. Due to the high level of servo punching technology, the added value is much higher than that of traditional mechanical punching machines. At present, the main source of servo punching is mainly in Japan, Europe and America, and the demand is increasing year by year.

Hsiao pointed out that, in order to improve a production line for further automation project, it has to meet the basic requirements, such as being reasonable and standardization. However, most Taiwanese suppliers are just in the middle of the process, so President Hsiao suggested that they shall accelerate the procedure in a faster pace so that when the day of big data comes they are able to cope with it rather than being filtered by the trend.

Now Forwell has integrated quick die change system and quick mold change system. The former is for metalworking sector, while the latter is for plastics injection sector. The pioneering smart mold and die management system in Taiwan and China includes smart quick change system, automatic mold and die transmission system (automatic cart system), and automatic warehousing system, and automatic maintenance system. This system can do automatic change, transmission, carrying, storage, warehousing, and maintenance at one stop.

President Hsiao said that the smart management of the mold is the futuristic trend, and it is the intelligent management equipment system necessary for the introduction of intelligent production. The market demand will grow substantially in the future.

Forwell has recently set up a demonstration plant for the "Smart Mold/ Die Management System" at the Huai'an Plant in China. The new plant will be able to carry out the smart molding line through demonstration production of automotive parts and any sample proofing of rubber and metal parts.