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Forwell Promotes its Exclusive PCB System

Written by Dai Chen (戴辰) on October 23, 2019

As a leader in smart manufacturing and quick mold change system, Forwell has launched a printed circuit board (PCB) punching hydraulic stripping system in order to meet the demands of high-quality PCB production in the industry. The system is easy to operate and adjust. Further it is designed with high accuracy, better safety, and durable quality, which grant the improvement to the production efficiency and achieve the goal of automation as well as labor saving. The PCB system promoted by Forwell will improve processing quality for manufacturers, making it suitable for any circuit board punching and stripping operations.

President Hsiao of Forwell explained that the PCB punching hydraulic stripping system is composed of integrated pneumatic pressure conversion to hydraulic power source combination, which then conduct the punching and discharging tray combination and rapid die changing motions. After the punching, the hydraulic pressure average stripping action and output can be modified according to different materials to meet the high quality requirements of the industry.

This PCB system is equipped with a special frame design for the combination of the trays, and the board is accurately processed and hardened; therefore, the processing is smooth and uniform, and the output of the stripping is on average value. The power source combination uses the penumatic pressure as the power to generate the hydraulic pressure. The adjustment of the supply penumaatic pressure produces different discharge pressures, and the output is matched with the punching speed of the punch. The 0 degree or 180 degree stripping can be modified to match the automatic feeding operation. In addition, the clamp is effectively clamped, and the mold or die will not slide during punching. The power source is combined with a pneumatic pump. When the temporary power failure or the pneumatic pressure disappears, the clamp can be kept for a long time, which will save the mold change time and make the work safer while improve the productivity.

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