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Home News Corporate Mr. Hsiao Wenlong, director of Lions Club, called for the promotion of international etiquette, catering elementary and middle school teachers and students for steaks.

Mr. Hsiao Wenlong, director of Lions Club, called for the promotion of international etiquette, catering elementary and middle school teachers and students for steaks.

Written by Chen, Renyi on November 10, 2019
With the advancement of technology, the convenience of information circulation and the development of transportation shorten the distance between countries. The daily life of Chinese people has gradually become more and more diverse under the influence of different cultures and customs coming from various countries, especially after being in line with the international customs. There are also more and more opportunities for inter personal contacts. Therefore, learning about international etiquette is a must do for Taiwanese people to cultivate international literacy, and it can avoid unnecessary misunderstanding, distress and embarrassment.

Under the call of President Hsiao (The director of the International Lions Club 300-C3 2015-16) who is enthusiastically participating in domestic and foreign public welfare activities, and frequently negotiates abroad, he met with the Lions Club 300-C3 2015-16 leaders association, Forwell Lions Club of Changhua County, and Forwell Technology Group, etc., in the event of "International Etiquette Propaganda" at the Qingshui Elementary School in Changhua County, and the Principle of the school, Hsiao Reiyu participated in the event together with the head and his wife of the Parents’ Association, Mr. Xu, Hongrong. This event also invited Mr. Ke Jinfa to explain the international etiquette of the school's students, such as diet, dining tables, etc., so that students of this elementary school can also become gentlemen and ladies. At the event, there were lively and interesting award-winning quizzes and international etiquette demonstrations. At the same time, in order to allow the theory and practice to be practically combined, so after the event, all teachers and students of the school and the VIP guests were invited to enjoy steak meals at the school and learn elegant and appropriate eating etiquette together.

Director Mr. Xiao said that etiquette is the basis of getting along with each other and the basic respect manner between people. This is an important basis for demonstrating personal integrity. Especially in the era of the global trend of international development, it is essential to understand and learn about international etiquette. It can also improve one’s own moral integrity and living standards. It is an important stepping stone for the integration into the international society.

Xiao Ruiyu, principal of the Qingshui Elementary School, said, "Be polite and go to the world", and diet is the basis of all etiquette. The dining table is an important platform in life and the starting point of interpersonal relationships. Therefore, whether it is business affairs, private stuff, making friends, building up accumulated contacts, etc., it is often carried out and decided at the dining table. How to make a good impression on others at the dining table is an important thing, and people must naturally show their courtesy and courtesy during the meal. Therefore, the ability to hold "International Etiquette Norms" at this school really benefited all teachers and students.

Principal Xiao Ruiyu mentioned in his speech that President Xiao of Forwell is an outstanding alumni of their school and has also served as the chairman of the Parents’ Association for two sessions. After his success in his career, President Xiao did not forget to give back to the society and his alma mater, and in order to deeply cultivate the school's ten-drum team and martial arts team, he sent three big drums from Tainan Shigu Cultural Park to enrich the ten Drum team equipment, and set up a martial arts promotion foundation to sponsor martial arts contests and scholarships. He gave a lot of feedback to the school, and thanked him for his selfless dedication and love and kindness for these years.