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Great Enhancement for Automotive Production Lines: Forwell QDCS

Written by Dai Chen (戴辰) on May 29, 2020

President Hsiao of Forwell said that the introduction of quick die and mold change system is a must do in order to achieve smart manufacturing; such as the utilization of pallet switch system for the automotive sheet metal processing, which belongs to the clamp system regarding the QDCS mechanism. In the 3C sector, small dies are utilized to produce the end-products, and the system is more on universal smart QDCS.

President Hsiao shared that, the basic requirement for the automotive components are to be environmentally friendly and better lifespan. The goal of compact, green, and durable is necessary and the selection of materials need to be recyclable. These efforts together make a car easier to be repaired and the component repair to be easier. Consequently, now the production of vehicle components is of modular production model, which exploits molds and dies in a even higher frequency. The mold/ die change plays a very important role in the modern production.

For the automotive parts industry, "intelligent production" can enhance market efficiency, improve productivity, reduce costs, make better quality, reduce warehouse inventory, and respond to the production in a timely manner. At the same time, it can achieve refined production quality and quantity, which is in line with the idea of smart manufacturing trend of manufacturing industry the purpose of industrial upgrading.

President Hsiao further pointed out that, the life time of vehicles becomes shorter due to the exploitation of car styles, functions, technological devices, and audio visual equipment, so it is a trend that “High-Mix/Low-Volume Production” model is the primary production model in the sector. And this will further activate the demands for molds and dies, so that the management method of molds and dies which would be changed, and a productive management of dies and molds is very crucial to business owners.

President Hsiao said that the exclusive and innovative mold and die management system include three systems, including the mold and die delivery system, which is in massive production (automatic die/ mold change cart), automatic mold and die storage system, and the mold and die maintenance system, which can proceed the maintenance before the molds and dies are stored. The mold and die management system can help both metal working and plastics injection manufacturers to plan their production lines, constructing an efficient, safe, easy, and systematic smart management system.