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Shen Tian Shui of Forwell Lions Clubs Takes Over as President and Promotes Blood Donation Activities


Written by Chen Ren Yi (陳仁義) in 12 July, 2020

On the 3rd day of the month, the Changhua County Forwell Lions Club solemnly held the tenth anniversary of the founding charter and the handover ceremony of the tenth and eleventh presidents at the Huang Chao Ding Banquet (皇潮鼎) Hall in Yuanlin City. The eleventh (from 2020 to 2021) president will be taken over by Shen Tian Shui (沈添水), and the handover ceremony of the new and old presidents will be supervised by the director of Lions Clubs International 300-C3, Lu Zhen You (陸振佑), and the tenth president Yang Lai Xiu Chin (楊賴秀琴) will retired from the duty. The duty is handed over to the new chairman, Shen Tian Shui (沈添水). During the ceremony, Mr. Hsiao Wen Long (蕭文龍), the founder of the Forwell Lions Club, and the president of Forwell Technology Group and the former director of Lions Clubs International 300-C3, also donated a total of 1.5 million NTD for social service funds to the club for supportive social assistance.

New president Shen Tian Shui (沈添水) shared that thanks to the former presidents and this is a burden for him. Since his participated for the Forwell Lions’ Club for the past six years, he witnessed that former presidents participated in each activities enthusiastically and dedicated themselves to the society with low profile, for this is such a good model for him. Now as many events are under planning, he will pay visits to many members and work with administration team to finished people’s expectation and promote the blood donation activity as a good heritage.

Funder of Forwell Lions’ Club Mr. Hsiao Wen Lung (蕭文龍) said that this association gathers many citizens with good heart and makes the society better, which is a very precious thing for sure and bring good memories. He asked members of this club to be with good heart and participate with actual actions and join in the activities to improve the world and people’s lives, which is the spirit of the club.

President Hsiao further claimed that this club is an international association for social service rather than welfare relief organization, so the Lions’ Club’s activities must be the concern for the public good rather than individual’s relief. International Lions’ Club’s dedication is based on friendship and service as the premises.

Since its establishment of the Changhua County Forwell Lions Club, they hold the spirit as “we offer services” to offer their help to the society and blood donation is the primary work of them. Every year the donation number is over 10000 bags of blood, which is the highest among all the Lions Club branches in Taiwan. People are proud of this achievement.

Members of the club give the plaque that written “Good Reputation Well Known” to Shen Tian Shui (沈添水) to congratulate him for taking over as the 11st president of the club.