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The 70th Anniversary of Taiwan Fund for Children and Families: President Tsai of ROC Participated at the Event and Encouraged Participants.

Written by Chen, Renyi (陳仁義) on August 16, 2020

Taiwan Fund for Children and Families held its 70th anniversary event and invited President Tsai of Taiwan, ROC and Mayor Lu of Taichung City to joint the event, which is co-held with the opening ceremony of the New Taichung Fu Yo Hall (台中扶幼新館). Many members from the congress were also invited to witness the seventy year old promise of the organization. The organization holds the spirit as wherever there is need, wherever the organization goes. They have participated in 358 towns and counties in Taiwan and 35 countries all over the world and have changed the life difficulties over 500000 children. With the support of the Taiwan society, the organization keep its pace stepping into the latest trend and renovate their services as well as their social support profession for children in Taiwan and the world. It is their goal to extend their help to every corner in the world.

During the event, the president of the organization Chao, Limin (趙犁民) presented a drawing to President Tsai which is titled as “booming”. The drawing was made by moms in the happiness store of the Hualien branch (花蓮家扶幸福小舖). It is sew with eight types of denim materials and the drawings are succulent plants. All these works represent the interwoven cultures of Taiwan and the ever lasting love that exist on this land. With all these blessings they are stepping into tomorrow.

President Tsai claimed that with the efforts provided by Taiwan Fund for children and Families, the rights of young people are fostered and due to the organization’s endeavors, there is a connection between Taiwan and the world. President Tsai urged citizens to pay attention to the protection of young people and children and integrates the smiles of all children by love, helping them grow peacefully.

President Chao of the organization said, they keep up with the trend of the world and walk in the frontier. They care domestic children with disadvantages and their family as well as the society. Now facing the Covid-19 pandemic, the organization would offer the most appropriate services to children and family both in the domestic and foreign areas. It is the love efforts from the society that moves this organization moving forward.

President Li said that for the past seventy years, they want to appreciate government departments, children support committees (扶幼委員會), many international societies, private corporation, and fervent individuals. Also he appreciated the help from Tsai, Minwen architect office (蔡敏文建築師事務所), members of committee, construction team of the hall, and members of the Taiwan Fund for children and Families. It is by the efforts of everyone who participated that this new hall is so meaningful.

President Li said that in the year 2020, it is the seventy year anniversary. The organization began its works in Taiwan since 1950 with only three members who worked from a house of a priest, and now the development has grown to this extent that they have changed the life of over 500000 children. Taiwan Fund for children and Families keeps its promise to children and family as well as the citizens in the society, they will offer their help wherever there is needs. The support for disadvantaged children will keep going. In the future, they will go sustainable operation and deliver everyone’s love to every corner in the world.

The organization has been established in Taiwan for seventy years. At the beginning it is a group that asked for helps but then it turned into an individual child welfare agency, later it becomes a group that can contribute its strength to the world. The spirit of helping people is the motto of the organization. With the twenty four branches in Taiwan, they can offer their services to every area in Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen, and Matsu. The spirit is to have no gaps and work one on one to protect the rights of young people and children. Moreover, they launched a petition to establish April 28 as the protection day for children to activate people’s care for the children. It is hoped that with these efforts the goal of zero abuse of children can be achieved.

Regarding the international services, the organization has established seven service centers in Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Kingdom of Eswatini, Vietnam, Cambodia, Jordan, and Filliping. The service has cross over language, geography, and culture barriers and provides a growing environment with safety and healthy to children and families in the world. It is these efforts that make the world witness the love sent from Taiwanese people that demonstrate there is no barriers of love.