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Forwell Improves Smart Realization for Industry Enhancement

Written by Dai Chen (戴辰) on Sep 16 2020; Economic Daily News

President Hsiao of Forwell is also the executive director of the TAMI, he said that the new COVID-19 epidemic has hit the global economy, and the industry’s original business and investment plans are mostly stay stagnant. This has caused most of the current machinery industry to be in a stagnant state, and the market is in serious dilemma. He also pointed out that many national and global fairs are cancelled due to the epidemic so the business interaction is severely impacted even if the government has proposed some bailout projects. The real cure of this situation is to help manufacturers receive real orders.

President Hsiao urged the government to re-consider and implement the machinery production equipment investment deduction incentive policy as soon as possible. This will not only assist the machinery industry to solve the current problems, but also increase the willingness of the industry to update their equipment. Meanwhile, it can achieve the purpose of industrial upgrading, and do a good job for the recovery of the economy.

Hsiao said that now the machinery industry works with partners from other sectors and integrate the idea of Industry 4.0, such as the National Face Mask Project is a successful case. He anticipated that with more investment and development, Taiwan’s industry can be broader and suppliers could have autonomous technology, which will enhance global competitiveness.

Hsiao explained that in the future, all the industrial sectors will integrate the big data together with iOT and work with partners from other sectors to develop smart manufacturing. Furthermore, the integration will also with semi-conductor facility and defense industry so that the integration will realize smart manufacturing.

Regarding the China-America trade wars, Hsiao said that in order to avoid the tariff issues and keep the competitiveness, many manufacturers moved to Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and India and restarted their supply chain, so now the re-distribution is the trend and it is important for machinery industry to prepare in advance.