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Charity Group of Changhua County Donated for Kinmen County’s CCF (家扶) Library to Foster Children’s Spiritual Growth

Written by Chen, Renyi (陳仁義) on November 4th, 2020

Leaded by director Hsiao of CCF (家扶), the charity group of Changhua County visited Kinmen to launch a four day charity trip. This time they visited the CCF Kinmen and HTA Kinmen (金門縣大同之家) and held charity activities. At the first day of the trip (on 31st of October), they came to the construction site of the CCF Kinmen and held a ceremony for the donated Fu Yu Library (富育圖書室). It is expected that after the launch of the library this facility would be able to offer a good reading environment for people of the FFC. Further, it is anticipated that with more reading activity they have, they may expand their minds.

Participants of this charity trip include director of CCF Hsiao, Wenlong, who is also the former director of International Lion’s Club 300-C3 and the president of Forwell), and Ye, Zhihong (葉志宏), the former director of International Lion’s Club 300-C3, the third vice director Wang, Baoshou (王寶秀), Chen, Yushue (陳玉雪) of Yu Da Charity Association (育達慈善會), Liu, Guochang (劉國璋) of Yu Da Lion’s Club (育達獅子會), chairman Chang, Ayuan (張阿圓) of Chenggong Lion’s Club (成功獅子會), chairman Tsai, Guichen (蔡桂真) of Hua Tan Lion’s Club (壇獅子會), counselor Chen, Shoumay (陳秀美) of Yu Da Lion’s Club (育達獅子會), and the first supervisor of CCF Kinmen Guo, Jiangbei (郭江北). There were totally about fifty people participated and the main activities are to visit disadvantages groups for doing charity actions. The trip integrate travel and charity works. Under the Covid pandemic, it is inconvenient to fo outside of Taiwan, so this efforts can do both: Doing charity and going like outside. These together help adjust people’s minds and bodies.

Director Hsiao expected that the Fu Yu Library can help young people in CCF read more books and learn more knowledge, expanding their viewpoint and replenish their knowledge, mind, and wisdom. The Chinese characters of the Fu Yu Library means not only Forwell and Yu Da’s dedication to the CCF, but also hope that everyone is willing to hold a book to boost their knowledge in mind to be rich in mind.

Chairperson of Kinmen CCF appreciate the library facility donation for the CCF, and he gave the Kinmen Wind Lion God (風獅爺) to President Hsiao of Forwell, Director Chen, Yushue (陳玉雪) of Yu Da Charity, and first supervisor of CCF Kinmen Guo, Jiangbei (郭江北). These gifts represent the appreciations from Kinmen CCF.

Director Lee, Quipin (李桂平) of Kinmen CCF that the Changhua Charity group is consisted of Yu Da Lions’ Club (育達獅子會) and Yu Da Charity Association (育達慈善會) as the main roles. They integrated those who want to participate in the activity. They do a lot of loving charities around Taiwan as well as the world. They do a lot of supportive things helping those who are in need in Changhua, Nantou, and Yunlin areas. Moreover, they also adopt foreign children of the CCF in the overseas areas and they also go out of Taiwan to help the people in need. They endeavors include water supply station construction, public kitchen facility construction, medical service, and education facilities. They can be seen in many group activities.

For those group activities, especially in the international rescue activities are known to have many of them. FFC is supported by Changhua County charity groups and they performed their great competence. In around fifty years ago, they have been to Mongolia, Kyrgyz, Eswatini, and other nations to help those disadvantaged children there. These efforts make them respected by many people.

Kinmen CCF expressed deep appreciations towards the Changhua Charity group about their going out like going abroad charity activities. All of them have donated 1.55 million NTD to found the Kinmen CCF children hall (兒童扶幼館) as the construction funds.

Director Hsiao of CCF said that this time the success shall be attributed to Changhua CCF children and youth protection committee’s (兒少保委員) former chairman Yang Shuchin’s (楊淑卿) call. And the other one to be honored is the honorary citizen of Kinmen County Guo, Jiangbei (郭江北), who is one of the charity groups’ members, and is also the founding chairman of the Kinmen CCF as he established the Kinmen CCF, making the service model firmly that is inherited to now. This time, he also donated money and his own strength to contribute his wife’s home town and arranged to visit the Da Tong Zi Jia (大同之家) to visit and care residents there.