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President Hsiao: Be Prepared in Advanced for Growth Rebound

Written by Chen, Renyi (陳仁義) on Nov 12, 2020

Business development is very hard during the pandemic all over the world due to the complicated regulations. Taiwan’s machinery industry sets its market in the foreign market rather than the domestic market, and most of the suppliers in the world are pending their investment and production, so the business is stagnate now. President Hsiao of Forwell, who is also a director of TAMI, mentioned that even though now Taiwan’s officials urge occupational schools to update their machineries to boost the domestic market for the machinery suppliers, the real solutions for them to find a way out of the difficulty shall be found by themselves. They shall also be prepared in advance for growth rebound.

President Hsiao said that most machinery suppliers in the world promote their technology and products through the trade shows and with these show they have the chance to interact with the international market and make business. Now with the pandemic many trade shows in 2020 and 2021 are cancelled.

At the same time, due to the well controlled of the pandemic condition, Taiwan’s TAITRA and TAMI will hold TIMTOS on March 15, 2021. There will be seven thousand booths then and the show will integrate virtual technology to do digital promotion. There will be online virtual show rooms to broadcast real time live TIMTOS show and help buyers to proceed for conference call. These efforts will improve the visibility and efficiency in the international market.

Hsiao also said that in order to prevent the pandemic, people have to go the 14 day quarantine procedure together with the following pandemic check and inspection, which takes a long time for the machinery installation, trial operation, and maintenance. This is a big problem for the machinery business and will cause suppliers to lost opportunities. To conquer this problem, many Taiwanese machinery suppliers are now doing the installation, trial operation and simple maintenance with assisted conference calls.

President Hsiao also claimed that once when the pandemic is under control, machinery industry will get growth rebound. The same situation may also apply to the commodity, automotive and motorcycle industries. Now, manufacturers can well managed their production line now during the window period and invest their production lines as well as the whole processes. With a well modified production schedule, their factories would be well prepared in advance for the growth rebound.

Mr Hsiao also said that for automotive and motorcycle sectors, smart manufacturing can achieve advanced productivity as well as quality, while lowering the cost and stock. These altogether increase manufacturers’ competitiveness in the market and advance products’ quality, quantity by cycle, and smart manufacturing steps. These efforts eventually lead to the upgrade of the business.

In order to cope with the futuristic trend of the automotive industry, the leading brand of smart mold and die changing system and production planning expert Forwell will increase their custom made models that can cope with diversified small amount production mode in the market.