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Forwell Group is the Leading Brand in Quick Mold and Die Infrastructure

Written by Dai Chen, April 12, 2021; Economic Daily News

Director Hsiao, Wen-long of TAMI who is also the president of Forwell group, and he said that the industrial difficulties caused by the pandemic need to be solved by business owners. Business owners need to get prepared before the economy recovery comes.

President Hsiao said that most suppliers in machinery industry do their business expansion by exhibition show participations but due to the pandemic issues in 2020, many show plans all over the world were cancelled. Even the TIMTOS held by TAITRA in 2021 was transformed as an online show with appointment, real time broadcast, new product showcasing, serving thousands of exhibitors as well as international buyers all over the world.

President Hsiao explained that many governments adopt the 14-day quarantine policy, which takes a lot of time, causing serious concerns about mechanical installation, trial machining, and maintenance. This procedure hinders many business opportunity. In order to conquer this dilemma, many Taiwanese machinery suppliers help their customers in installation, trial machining, and easy maintenance by internet, and this solution help them get the orders.

President Hsiao expected that after the pandemic is controlled, there will be booming requests in automotive and motorcycle, and livelihood industry, which will eventually, triggered the business in machinery industry. During this period, suppliers and manufacturers can update their facilities and import smart manufacturing into their production lines to expand their productivity as well as their R&D strength.

President Hsiao pointed out that smart manufacturing is very good for the automotive and motorcycle component industries, because it can lead to the advancement of productivity, quality, competitiveness while reduce the cost and stocks. At the same time, the products quality would be sharpened in a large scale. All these efforts fit into the trend in the manufacturing industry and can help manufacturers to upgrade their production lines.

In order to cope with the futuristic trend of the automotive industry, the leading brand of smart mold and die changing system and production planning expert Forwell will increase their custom made models that can cope with diversified small amount production mode in the market.