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Quick Die Change System for Press Machines by Forwell Saves Costs while Performs Good.

Written by Dai Chen (戴辰) on May 24, 2021; Economic Daily News

Forwell representative shared their experience that all the manufacturers aim to enhance machine utilization rates, productivity, maintenance safety, while reducing manpower cost, operation cost, and solve the manpower issues at the same time if they are talking about their production lines. For these multiple goals to be achieved, smart pressing automation technology is the only answer. For the planning of press machine smart automation engineering, the range could cover material delivery, material processing, finished product transmission, waste material transportation, and quick die change process. Together with peripheral facilities, automation is an achievable goal. Among the many details, the adaptation of quick die change is the key to be competitive in the market.

Compared with the conventional die changing model, Forwell’s press machine quick die change system saves up 90% of time consumption. Combined with an automatic die changing cart, the system can improve machine utility rates and ensure occupational safety for onsite workers. For business owners who are dealing with large-size dies and molds, the quick die and mold change system can achieve cost-saving, speedy, safe, and lowered machine & die wear-out rates. These features are so suitable to manufacture models of low quantity but high variety in types. This system helps storage warehouse capacity as well as improves die lifespan, reduces manpower costs, and lowers occupational hazards. Therefore, the system enhances overall productivity and management. Users’ overall competitive capacity could be improved, making more profits.

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