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Home News Corporate Yuanta Financial Holdings Donated a lot of Goods to Remote Primary Schools in Qing Shui District

Yuanta Financial Holdings Donated a lot of Goods to Remote Primary Schools in Qing Shui District


Yuanta Financial Holdings dedicate to social welfare activities such as education, welfares, and deploys its many local branches to offer services to many local communities. Now, Yuanta Financial Holdings work with its subsidiary Yuanta Bank to donate 123 backpacks and 20 sets of meal boxes to teachers and students of Qin Shui Primary School (清水國小) in Shetou Township (社頭), Changhua County (彰化). On the 4th day of the month, the donation ceremony was held, and the goods are awarded by Senior Manager Chen, Zheng-Fang (陳正芳) who is the supervisor of Yuanta’s business. Those gifts were received by Principal Hsiao, Rui-Yu (蕭睿瑜) and Chairman of Alumnus Association Hsiao, Wen-Long (蕭文龍). Yuanta insists in the spirit of “change starts from caring” and hopes that the love comes from company accompanies those students living in the remote countrysides, helping them along the way of their student life.

This donation activity and the corresponding ceremony are dealt with by President Hsiao, Wen-Long of Forwell Group and his acts received enthusiasm fervently by Yuanta Financial Holdings. It is hoped that with those goods donated by companies, both teachers and students would be encouraged greatly. Forwell appreciates Yuanta’s enthusiasm towards the social welfares together with their good deeds, which build our society a better place with peace and love.

Principal Hsiao, Rui-Yu of Qin Shui Primary School said that Chairman Hsiao, Wen-Long is the seventh graduate alumni and was once the chairperson of parent meetings during the years 1993 and 1994. In the year 2020, it was the 60th anniversary of the school, Chairman Hsiao held the sports competition as the chairperson. Hsiao never forgets society after he gained a lot of success in his business and he always contribute to his school.

Principal Hsiao also said that Chairman Hsiao has concerns about the sub-replacement fertility issue and the corresponding effects on the school he once graduated from. It is great that Chairman Hsiao has a lot of social resources and friends so he can keep introducing a lot of social resources into the school to improve some infrastructure, including the recent-built front yard; chairman Hsiao himself contributed 400000 NTD on this project, and together with the donation from alumni, now the campus is new and beautiful, and parking is much easier for both parents and teachers. Further, for the consecutive two years, he bought steaks for the school and taught teachers and students about how to enjoy western food properly in a good manner so that in the future, they can perform in good etiquette.

Principal Hsiao, Rui-Yu also expressed his appreciation towards the love from Yuanta Financial Holdings and he hopes that those children would learn from all these good deeds and become grateful; it is also anticipated that they would also contribute to society in the future; he believes that, with the support from the private companies, teachers working in the schools would be well supported in all kinds of concerns.

Yuanta Financial Holdings expressed that the group wants to become a sustainable company and set the SDGs of the UN as their blueprint, and adopt ESG spirit into their business spirit. In regard to social participation, the company will keep caring for the communities and fostering youth to gain independence. With real and practical investment, some real change would happen in the society and those efforts triggered by financial institutions would bring positive effects to the society and realize the social responsibility well.