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Forwell Smart QDCS and QMCS Improve Carbon Emission

Written by Chen, Renyi

After the outbreak of the covid 19 pandemic, the world economy has been frozen for around two years. Now as the pandemic is well controlled, many cities and nations are now reopened to the public and the world markets get recovered step by step in a gradual way.

President Hsiao who is an executive director of TAMI, also claimed that the export in 2021 in Taiwan was good and broke new records. But even so, the menace of inflation is looming. Together with the rising prices of raw materials, transportation, and labor costs, the situation becomes even challenging. Moreover, the jammed container market, harbor stuck, and transportation stagnant are another three harsh issues that affect the export market. Now as the rates of NTD appreciate compared to Japanese Yen and Korean Won, Taiwan’s manufacturers are seriously impacted by the exchange losses. These issues impact the competitiveness of international companies and the lack of manpower and raw materials also affect the economic growth.

Now, export numbers are much bigger than the situation before the pandemic period but due to the many market issues such as the close up of trade fairs and other reasons, machinery manufacturers are in a dilemma and they are working hard to conquer this question. Senior TAMI executive, President of Forwell, Mr. Hsiao, Wen-long (蕭文龍) shared his opinions that short profit and margin is a problem that suppliers in Taiwan dare not to receive new orders. Hsiao hopes that the market could get recovered as soon as possible.

Mr. Hsiao said that with this pandemic impact, now industrial insiders are sure about making their routes in the path of smart manufacturing based on smart production that helps improve productivity and quality, reduce cost, and stockpiles. These endeavors are helpful to stimulate better company competitiveness. Meanwhile, these efforts also help advance product and service quality, making corporate value matched with smart manufacturing. What Mr. Hsiao suggests about smart manufacturing is a model that can seek help from the government and academies for an integrated collaboration based on their requirements respectively.

Now, Forwell is planning about smart QDCS system plant facility and will build a demonstrative line in their Huai’an (淮安) plant in mainland China. In the future, the plant would get involved in smart production lines involving injection molding, metal forming, mold design, and versatile component production models. In order to produce low carbon footprint facilities, Forwell works hard to do research and design smart facilities with lower carbon emissions and will work on making the entire manufacturing environment cleaner and environment friendly. In the future, all the Forwell products are set to be developed in this goal, making carbon neutrality possible.