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Forwell QMDS Advanced Further!


Keep innovating in the field of critical components and parts. March into the goal of smart manufacturing. Improving for the idea of carbon neutrality based on the low emission ideology.

Forwell has been working in the field of QMCS total solution for many years and the company currently advanced its manufacturing of critical components and parts, which could help business partners in their mold clamping duties. With this efforts, conventional manufacturers are able to become smart manufacturers that abide by the principle and goal of carbon neutrality. This efforts provides an overall advancement to all the users.

President Hsiao of Forwell said that, according to the study conducted by ITRI that analyzes both manual and automatic manufacturing models, automatic model saves for more than 50% carbon emission. The study found that automatic manufacturing modes make the entire processing much more sustainable and saves energy, saving carbon emission. This proves that automatic manufacturing is much more competitive for all the manufacturers across upstream to downstream since all the manufacturers are connected in the industry.

President Hsiao further pointed out that in order to hinder the process of global warming, zero emission is an inevitable goal but since carbon footprint is hard to track back, it needs to be tracked in multiple phases. Now, most suppliers and manufacturers are still pondering on this idea and do not know how to delve into it. They mostly know only about eco-friendly composites as well as saving energy consumption. In fact, to save carbon emission by the entire production line is much more efficient.

President Hsiao said that the execution of Carbon Footprint Verification, CFV, is a long way to go and governments all over the world need to invent feasible methods to realize it so that corporate are able to follow the tracks. He further said that, in within the process of carbon emission reduction, the first premise is not to affect the existing production situation. This can be achieved by founding a special team of CFV to make specific steps and principles. At the very beginning, energy saving could be the first step, such as replacing big horsepower motors with relatively small horsepower counterparts, and implant some smart manufacturing systems, etc.

The quick mold and die change system the Forwell develops includes three main systems, a mold and die transmission system (automatic mold and die change cart), an automatic mold and die warehousing system, and a mold and die repairing the system. In order to meet the goal of sustainable low emissions, the company is now working on the development of a smart low emission facility and related components. Forwell dedicates to developing the industrial environment that realizes carbon tax credit. In the future, all Forwell products are designed with a carbon reduction concept to realize the goal of being carbon neutral.