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Home News Corporate Forwell Increases its Smart Customization in Product Percentages to Meet Small Volume with Large Variety Manufacturing Module.

Forwell Increases its Smart Customization in Product Percentages to Meet Small Volume with Large Variety Manufacturing Module.

Written by Ren-yi, Chen

In order to set a convenient repairing system for automotive industry, many components and parts of vehicles are now manufactured in modules for this purpose. Automotive components and parts are made in small-volume with large variety which is different from the conventional manufacturing trend and has to be intelligent. To achieve better productivity, smart manufacture is a necessity as well as fastened mold and die change speed.

Encountered with the developing trend in automotive industry, Forwell will cope with the coming challenge of high variety and low order request numbers by improving their own productivity in order to be flexible to the futuristic production challenges.

President Hsiao of Forwell pointed out that, the world industry now aims at the goal of keep up with the trend of Industry 4.0. Industrial sectors such as automotive, motorcycle, electrical, and other sectors that can be mass production are working towards this manufacturing model in order to generate more productivity. Besides the upgrade of manufacturing facility, the upgrade of operation of molds and dies is also crucial to improve productivity. Highly efficient mold and die change is a key to achieve smart manufacturing. This is a critical step towards the request of high quality but low order requests from customers.

President Hsiao of Forwell said that the introduction of quick die and mold change system is necessary because one has to achieve smart manufacturing; such as the utilization of pallet switch system for the automotive sheet metal processing, which belongs to the clamp system regarding the QDCS mechanism. In the 3C sector, small dies are utilized to produce the end-products, and the system is more on universal smart QDCS.

Moreover, President Hsiao further said that in order to hinder the process of global warming, zero emission is an inevitable goal but since carbon footprint is hard to track back, it needs to be tracked in multiple phases. Now, most suppliers and manufacturers are still pondering on this idea and do not know how to delve into it. They mostly know only about eco-friendly composites as well as saving energy consumption. In fact, to save carbon emission volume by the modification of the entire production line is a good solution, which is much more efficient.

Forwell continues to dedicate itself in China and Taiwan with its smart mold and die management system, which includes three subsidiary systems: First one is the mold/ die transmission system which is now massively produced for customers (automatic cart system), and the second one is the automatic mold/ die warehousing system, and the mold/ die maintenance system which can help maintain molds and dies before its installation. The smart mold and die management system of Forwell provides an integrated management solution for both metal forming and plastics injection sectors, dealing with their complicated heavy lifting works. This system features efficiency, safety, user-friendly, and logicality.