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Fuwei PCB punching hydraulic stripping system provides high-efficiency, high-yield, and short-delivery production needs


Focusing on the development and production of metal forming and rubber and plastic injection molding and other intelligent and rapid mold-changing equipment for more than 30 years The first set of "PCB Printed Circuit Board Punching Hydraulic Stripping System (PFPS)" approved by the patent in China is widely adopted by domestic PCB processing manufacturers. , At present, the company has reinvested in the research and development of PCB peripheral intelligent equipment in line with "Industry 4.0".

Xiao Wenlong, president of Fuwei, said that the production process of single-layer board and double-layer composite board PCB is from substrate printing, etching, punching and stripping, electronic plug-in packaging to passing relevant inspections before the production is completed, and the punching and stripping system is the process. It is also an important process equipment that determines the conductive quality and yield of printed circuit boards. For example, if the double-layer board is punched by punching, it is easy to cause PCB deformation, interlayer peeling, etc. For defects such as cracks and serrated orifices, all processes will be abandoned.

He also said that although high-level multi-layer boards and integrated PCBs have moved towards more precise and even nano-scale development, the applications of low-level PCBs with single-layer and double-layer boards are still quite extensive, including toys, toy electric vehicles, Control boxes, keyboards, simple film control circuit boards, etc., need to use "PFPS" in their manufacturing processes to improve production efficiency and stabilize PCB quality. In particular, Fuwei's "PFPS" can indeed help PCB processors achieve high efficiency , High yield, short delivery time, labor-saving and safe production requirements, it is used in the punching and hydraulic stripping operation of double-layer composite panels, the orifice is smooth, and will not peel or crack, which can greatly improve the yield.

The special design structure of Fuwei "PFPS" main structure stripping table combination, the punching plate is precision machined, hardened and multi-layer oil sealing treatment, and at the same time, the different hydraulic stripping pressure generated by the supply air pressure power adjustment, the output is evenly matched with the punching machine punching. Hole speed, smooth and even movement, more even removal of material, and 0 degree or 180 degree of material removal can be adjusted to cooperate with automatic feeding operation, easy operation and adjustment, high accuracy, long life, very suitable for general circuit board punching The material removal operation, and equipped with a quick mold change system, can achieve the target requirements of intelligent automation, labor saving, and improvement of processing quality.

Xiao Wenlong said that Fuwei has successively invested in the research and development of PCB peripheral equipment such as vacuuming, preheating, collection and transportation, and will cooperate with PCB-related equipment manufacturers to sell a complete set. At the same time, the company's 3C electronic product division has also started Invest in the development of electronic product equipment, PCB inspection equipment, unmanned trucks, PCB mold warehouse management system and other equipment, and will adjust the research and development direction and related equipment combination according to the market development.