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Home News Corporate Xiao Wenlong, President of Fuwei: The machinery industry will buy gas to warm up in the second half of next year, and the attention of intelligent automation equipment will rise again

Xiao Wenlong, President of Fuwei: The machinery industry will buy gas to warm up in the second half of next year, and the attention of intelligent automation equipment will rise again


As the epidemic situation in various places has slowed down and stabilized, the borders of various countries have been gradually lifted, and business exchanges and interactions have gradually returned to normal. However, under the influence of the long-term economic shutdown of the epidemic, market demand has shrunk, stagnated and industrial supply chains have been restructured, and global economic recovery still needs to be In time, Xiao Wenlong, executive director of the Taiwan Machinery Association and president of FORWELL Technology Group (FORWELL), pointed out that after the opening of the border after the epidemic, although it is possible to go abroad to participate in international exhibitions, negotiate business promotion, and conduct market research, the current international economy is still sluggish and recession. Factors such as stagnant global inflation and the problem of depletion of a large number of inventories have caused many business activities to be unable to proceed smoothly in the short term. He estimated that the economic prosperity will not bloom until the second half of 2023.

Xiao Wenlong also said that although Taiwan's exports can now benefit from the opening of the border and the depreciation of the Taiwan dollar, it is still urgent to wait for the inflation caused by the Russian-Ukrainian war and the supply chain restructuring caused by the Sino-US trade friction to be effectively resolved. The overall temperature has gradually recovered. However, most manufacturers in Taiwan's machinery industry still use the mainland market as their main sales market. However, they are currently in recession and maintaining border control is nothing more than another market obstacle for Taiwan's machinery industry. However, it is worth noting that in the past two or three years, the industry has been affected by the epidemic, which has caused serious manpower shortages and process delays, which has made the industry pay more comprehensive attention to the introduction of highly automated or intelligent production lines. Thinking has also prompted intelligent/automation-related production equipment to gain more market attention and demand growth during the epidemic.

At this stage, Fuwei Group is not only continuing to carry out internal consolidation and rectification, but also actively invests in the research and development of new products and market layout, so as to prepare for the future growth of squatting and jumping, and to welcome the dawn of next year's prosperity.

President Xiao Wenlong said that the new coronavirus has now turned into a flu, and the epidemic will soon be downgraded and the lockdown will be fully lifted. Countries will coexist with the virus, and international exchanges will return to normal. At the same time, the mainland market will also return to stable growth. The demand for intelligent automation equipment will also increase. Recently, the Fuwei Luhuai'an factory has completed the expansion of the plant, and the production capacity has been greatly increased. The current annual revenue scale is about 500 million yuan, and it will move towards the annual revenue target of 2.5 billion yuan in the future. To achieve a revenue target of 100 million years, the whole plant equipment of intelligent mold management system such as mold storage system and automatic mold changing trolley system developed by Fuwei will be the biggest driving force for future revenue growth.

The "Intelligent Mold Management System" pioneered by Fuwei Cross-Strait covers three major systems, including the mass-produced "Mold Conveying System" (Automatic Mold Change Trolley System), "Mold Automatic Storage System" and "Mold Maintenance System". The "Intelligent Mould Management System" can effectively assist metal forming and injection molding industries to establish a set of one-stop "intelligent automation" management system for molds that is fast, efficient, safe, easy and systematic through professional planning.