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Forwell Intelligent Mold Management System exhibits intelligent future


This Taipei International Machine Tool Show is the first international exhibition after the opening of the border. Forwell also participated in the event. In particular, the new TMX self-propelled mold clamp was exhibited on site. The use of electric motors to drive can reduce the overall length of the equipment. The booth is located at The first floor of Nangang Exhibition Hall 2, booth number P0904, welcome to visit the booth.

With the unblocking of borders and relaxation of the ban on masks, Taiwan has gradually shaken off the haze of the epidemic and returned to normal life. Xiao Wenlong, executive director of the Taiwan Machinery Association and president of FORWELL Group, reminded that according to the Ministry of Finance’s announcement, exports will begin to weaken at the end of 2022. The world will be affected by inflationary pressure, Affected by factors such as the Ukrainian-Russian War, although we are optimistic about this year, we still need to be cautious.

Xiao Wenlong said that although the current market situation is uncertain and manufacturers continue to adjust their inventories, with the relaxation of epidemic prevention policies, this exhibition is still expected to attract overseas customers to visit the exhibition, especially because the industry has been affected by the epidemic in the past three years, which has caused serious shortages in manpower and delayed production processes. The industry has a strong demand for the introduction of highly automated production lines or intelligent production. Forwell also exhibited an intelligent mold management system at this exhibition, showing its strength in deeply cultivating automated production lines.

Over the years, Forwell has invested a lot of resources in the development of the "Smart Mold Management System", which integrates the needs of metal processing and molding and rubber and plastic injection molding industries for quick mold change operations, so that the mold change operation that originally took 4 hours can be completed in as little as 3 minutes. And from the machine automatic quick mold change system to the mold automatic conveying, mold automatic storage and mold automatic maintenance system, the automatic mold replacement, transportation, transportation, storage, storage, and maintenance can be realized to achieve a one-stop "smart" operation.

Xiao Wenlong said that in addition to the advantages of improving efficiency and reducing costs, automated production lines have shown that compared with traditional manufacturing industries that rely on manpower, the carbon emissions generated by automated production lines are only half. Therefore, the promotion of "smart manufacturing" In addition to effectively improving yield and quality, it is also of great importance to the long-term goal of "carbon neutrality".

Xiao Wenlong extended that Forwell Group is currently carrying out internal corporate restructuring, implementing ESG, and actively investing in new product research and development and market layout. In the future, the entire series will be developed and designed based on "carbon neutrality" to ensure that products meet carbon neutrality. The goal of tax credits is to prepare for the squatting and jumping growth in the future, and to meet the new situation after the epidemic.