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Smart Forwell Mold and die Management System Activates Smart manufacturing

Written by Wang Mujie

As countries around the world gradually reopen their borders and the impact of the pandemic diminishes, the manufacturing industry is also showing signs of recovery. Hsiao Wen-lung, the President of Forwell Group and an executive director of the Taiwan Machinery Association, reminds that despite the improving economic conditions, global economies are still facing challenges such as inflationary pressures and the impact of the Russian-Ukrainian War. Therefore, while the outlook for this year appears optimistic, caution is still warranted for sure.

Hsiao Wen-lung stated that with the influence of technological advancements, the developing pace of product upgrades has accelerated, leading to a significant shift in the manufacturing industry's order patterns compared to the past model. Previously, orders were inclined towards large quantities of a single product, but now the market has shifted towards small quantities and diverse product types. As a result, "mold and die management" has become one of the most crucial aspects to compete against time. Forwell has invested substantial resources over the years in developing the "Intelligent Mold Management System," which integrates the fast mold changing needs of both metal processing and rubber & plastic injection molding industries. This system has reduced the time required for mold changing from an average of 4 hours to as fast as 3 minutes. It includes an array of functionalities, ranging from automated fast mold-changing systems to mold automatic conveying, mold automated warehousing, and mold automatic maintenance systems, achieving an all-in-one "intelligent automation" process for mold changing, conveying, handling, storage, and maintenance processes.

President Hsiao emphasized that besides the advantages of improving efficiency and reducing costs, studies have shown that compared to traditional manufacturing that heavily reliant on manual labor, automated production lines generate only half the carbon emissions. Therefore, promoting "smart manufacturing" not only effectively increases output and quality but also holds great significance for achieving the long-term goal of "carbon neutrality."

Furthermore, Forwell Group is currently undertaking internal restructuring to implement ESG principles and actively investing in the research and development as well as market positioning of new products. One of their recent introductions is the innovative TMX, the self-propelled mold clamp, which utilizes electric motor drive to reduce the overall equipment length. Looking ahead, they plan to release new products annually, all developed and designed with a "carbon-neutral" approach to ensure that they meet the criteria for carbon tax exemptions. This preparation sets the stage for significant growth in the future.