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Forwell Smart QDCS & QMCS Helps on Zero Emission Project

Written by Wang Mujie

In the midst of global economic uncertainty, Taiwan's machinery industry is facing significant challenges, with declining order numbers for 12 consecutive months. Mr. Hsiao Wen-lung (蕭文龍), Executive Director of the Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry and President of Forwell Group, has stated that despite the slow pace of economic recovery, the present moment is the ideal time to upgrade production lines to align with the "2050 Net Zero Transformation" goals.

President Hsiao emphasizes that with the impending introduction of carbon taxes and the machinery industry entering the carbon audit phase, upgrading to automated production lines offers advantages beyond efficiency and cost reduction. Research shows that compared to traditional manufacturing heavily reliant on human labor, automated production lines produce only half the carbon emissions. Therefore, driving "smart manufacturing" not only effectively increases output and quality but also holds significant importance for the long-term goal of achieving net-zero carbon emissions.

Forwell Group has been dedicated to the development of the "Intelligent Mold Management System" for many years. This system caters to the rapid mold-changing needs of both metal processing and rubber/plastic injection molding industries, reducing mold-changing time from 4 hours to as fast as 3 minutes. The intelligent operation encompasses not only machine-automated mold-changing systems but also automated mold transportation, storage, and maintenance systems, achieving a seamless and fully automated process for molds.

President Hsiao further stated that Forwell will actively invest in the fields of the metaverse and artificial intelligence (AI). In the next decade, these two areas will significantly change people's lifestyles and work methods. Therefore, combining "Industry 4.0" smart design with intelligent AI will become an important topic for the global machinery industry to address the arrival of the smart society. At this challenging yet opportunistic moment, Taiwan's machinery industry will continue to strive for innovation and upgrades to adapt to future changes.