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Forwell’s Smart Quick Mold Change System Integrates ESG Protocol and Reduce Carbon Emission

Written by Chen Renyi

The rise of the "smart manufacturing" wave has become an inevitable global trend in the industrial sector. By adopting intelligent production systems based on the concept of "Industry 4.0," it is indeed possible to achieve the production goals of economies of scale. These systems also demonstrate more significant productivity and quality stability to the world. In addition to improving and upgrading production equipment, the manufacturing industry needs to adapt to the diverse and high-quality demands of products through the high-frequency mold change production mode. Simultaneously, this approach achieves the goal of effectively increasing production capacity, which is essential for realizing intelligent production.

The fully automated rapid mold change system, developed by the leading cross-strait manufacturer, Forwell Group, aims to further enhance the upgrade and development of intelligent equipment. This system is designed to assist the manufacturing industry in achieving the goal of "smart manufacturing" rapidly. Forwell Group continuously innovates and improves critical components, taking a fresh approach to the design of its mold clamping equipment to facilitate the industry's further advancement. Additionally, in line with the global ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) sustainability trend towards low carbon emissions, Forwell is actively moving towards its goal of carbon neutrality and zero emissions by focusing on the materials and environmental aspects of its products.

Mr. Hsiao Wen-long, President of Forwell Group and Executive Director of TAMI (Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry), emphasized that in response to the global trend of environmental sustainability and achieving low carbon emissions, smart automation in manufacturing will play a significant role. Implementing smart automation production systems not only greatly enhances productivity and reduces reliance on human labor but also contributes to a significant reduction in carbon emissions. Research conducted by the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) has shown that automated production can effectively reduce carbon emissions by half. This reduction includes the efficient use and recycling of energy resources, promoting energy conservation and environmental protection. This not only helps to improve carbon emissions but also prevents potential high carbon tax burdens in the future, which could otherwise negatively impact market competitiveness.

Hsiao Wen-lung also pointed out that the international trend of achieving carbon neutrality will impact the future business development and strategies of various industries. This includes supply chain restructuring and reshaping market landscapes, affecting every aspect from upstream raw materials to end-users, with far-reaching implications. Forwell Group is actively developing an intelligent mold management system that includes the Smart Mold Conveyor System, the Mold Automated Warehouse System, and the Mold Maintenance System as part of its smart automation mold change system. To align with environmentally sustainable practices and low carbon equipment, Forwell Group is currently planning to invest in the research and development of low carbon emissions intelligent equipment and related components. They aim to create a production environment that meets carbon tax offset standards. Furthermore, all product lines are being developed with a focus on meeting energy-saving and carbon reduction demands, ensuring that all products comply with ESG sustainability standards.

Furthermore, Forwell Group recently completed the integration of its production resources, including the consolidation of the production department of its Ningbo plant into its Huai'an plant, which covers an area of approximately 59,500 square meters. The Ningbo plant, in response to the needs of the injection molding machine market, retained its sales department and established a shipping warehouse to provide comprehensive services to better serve the market. The merger of these two plants allows for the mutual enhancement of technical expertise, production capabilities, and business resources, further deepening the company's business strategy in the Chinese mainland market. Additionally, Forwell Group has initiated plans to construct a demonstration factory for the "Intelligent Mold Management System" at the Huai'an plant. In the future, this facility will demonstrate the production of samples and provide a more comprehensive showcase of the smart molding production line.