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Forwell's Rapid Mold Change System Meets Low-Carbon Smart Trends


In response to the global trend of ESG sustainability regulations, the mechanical industry is actively moving towards green development. Xiao Wenlong, Executive Director of the Taiwan Machinery Association and President of Forwell Technology Group, stated that in the face of many challenges requiring innovation and technological breakthroughs, mechanical industry players are committed to energy conservation, carbon reduction, and the use of environmentally friendly and recyclable materials to achieve ESG goals.

Influenced by carbon tax policies, Xiao Wenlong pointed out that the promotion of ESG is bound to accelerate. Although domestic machinery industry players are still in a passive state, some companies have actively responded, especially in the development of energy storage equipment, becoming a focal point of the ESG trend. Through the production process of energy storage equipment, it is possible to effectively reduce defect rates, improve yield rates, and simultaneously reduce carbon emissions. Although the current price of energy storage equipment is relatively high, it is believed that it will become an important contributor to energy conservation and carbon reduction after it becomes more affordable in the future.

Xiao Wenlong said that when promoting ESG and energy conservation and carbon reduction measures in the mechanical industry, improvements and goals should be set in seven aspects: technological innovation and upgrades, optimization of production processes, application of renewable energy, greenization of the supply chain, employee training and involvement, measurement and reporting of carbon footprints, and setting carbon neutrality goals. He also reminded that ESG is a sustainable plan that requires long-term gradual implementation and is not achievable overnight. Companies should plan according to their own situations and implement them according to the plan.

Forwell Group has planned to invest in the research and development of low-carbon emission intelligent rapid mold change system for the entire factory equipment and related component upgrades. Meanwhile, it is committed to creating a production environment that meets the standards for carbon tax reduction to ensure that all products in the series meet the requirements of energy conservation and carbon reduction and achieve ESG goals.