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Hydraulic Pumps Unit

  • Power Unit


  1. Very secure and stable clamping
  2. Pressure can easily be adjusted using an air pressure adjusting valve. Should air pressure become dangerously high, the air pressure will automatically shut off
  3. Prolonged hydraulic air pressure allows for energy efficient and convenient automated operations
  4. Hydraulic air pump ensures die clamping even during power cuts or when system pressure drops

Hydraulic Pumps Unit Introduction

The hydraulic pump ensures tight and stable die clamping and allows the system to maintain clamping pressure on the mold even when there is a power failure or air pressure drops. The PCB Fine Piercing System uses air-driven hydraulic pumps resulting in very high clamping pressures, high energy efficiency and convenient automated operations. Forwell’s hydraulic pump units also feature an easy to adjust air pressure valve to effectively control the systems air pressure.

Hydraulic Pumps are Key for Safe Die Clamping

When considering implementing a hydraulically controlled quick mold or quick die change system it is vitally important to have a suitable hydraulic pump. All Forwell’s hydraulic pumps are meticulously designed and manufactured to the exacting requirements our customers’ have come to expect from us.
Hydraulic pumps ensure tight and stable clamping of the quick mold or quick die change systems, and therefore are vital for accurate press machine and injection molding operations. As we have many years of experience developing these systems, we can custom build a tailor made die or mold change system for you, including quick die change clamps, hydraulic pumps and die lifters. Furthermore our systems are designed to fit almost any press machine or injection molding system, making them very useful and easy to use.
Taking a closer look at our hydraulic pumps, all our pumps feature air pressure adjusting valves that effectively control the air pressure. Also all our hydraulic pumps are highly energy efficient because once the outlet pressure is reached they will automatically stop pumping and maintain pressure. Never neglecting safety our hydraulic pumps all feature advanced on-and-off sensors as well as automatic shut off valves, making them safe, energy efficient and very high performing.

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Pump Unit Diagram

Energy Efficient Hydraulic Pumps

All Forwell’s Quick Die Change Systems and Quick Mold Change systems utilize very high performance and energy efficient hydraulic pumps. To ensure stable die or mold clamping for your press machines or injection molding machines, Forwell’s hydraulic pumps feature air pressure valves that easily control system pressure.

Furthermore, these hydraulic pumps are extremely energy efficient because once the intended outlet pressure has been reached; the pump will automatically stop pumping and maintain pressure. In order to ensure safe operations, all Forwell’s hydraulic pumps feature on-and-off pressure sensors and automatic shut off valves for when system pressure is too high.

To accommodate a wide range of mold and die clamping applications, Forwell offers a large range of hydraulic pumps providing different clamping pressures. Also coupling a suitable hydraulic pump with mold or quick die change clamps drastically reduces mold or die change time and simplifies machine setup. In short all Forwell’s die and mold clamping solutions offer very safe and efficient operations, and are sure to boost your workshop’s productivity.

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